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“FV” Advisory

For everyone

Every household, or workshop, has its own energy requirements. That´s why KAYRÓS Solar select and offer the best solution, after analyse your specific need.
Our self-generated systems connected to the grid, or not, giving you complete control of your generated, stored, consumed and, eventually, feed to others, will power a detached house, a multi-family houses, a small apartment or a workshop.

“FV” Projects execution

We are professional

Our “FV” Projects cover every phase to develop the optimum solution applied to a solar self-consumption and eventual feed to the grid, energy requirement set out by Customer, and they are:

• Analysis of existing situation
• Fix targets to reach
• New self-cosumption system
• Engineering develop
• Equipment supplied
• Installation and start-up

Our typical projects

Standardized and adapted solutions

There are many potential candidates to generate solar increasing self-consumption, with similar requirements, for example:

• Industrial farms (cows, pigs, chickens, etc)
• Industrial estate
• Workshops and warehouses
• Detached household connected, or no, to the grid
• Country house with irrigation system
• Others…

After sales services

We will keep our service support

Our after-sales service support covers the quick solution applied to every eventual failure of the system, as:

• Assistance for replacement within the warranty period
• Assistance and technical support for device replacement in case of failure
• Assistance and technical support via phone or Email
• Others…

We analyse yours needs and offer you,
advise and the best solutions

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